Flexible Infrastructure Solves Networking and Wireless Challange for Hotel
Solution Hotel Background
Wireless internet access is an expectation of most guests to catch up on email, search for local attractions and dining options, and use voice and video feeds to keep in touch family and friends. With an average of more than 100 simultaneous users and the increasing popularity of high-bandwidth multimedia applications, the hotel needs to deliver high speed, flexible internet connectivity while ensuring that the network remains secure.

Provides fast, reliable and flexible infrastructure for WiFi access in guest rooms and public areas.

IT Matters
  • Stable and reliable, with high quality support from local partner
  • Simple to set up more access points
  • Less cabling required due to Power over Ethernet features
Business Matters
  • Low overall costs and high return on investment, due to competitive equipment price, simple management and lifetime warranty
  • Quick to install – up to three times faster than typical comparable installations
  • Scalable and flexible to respond to business needs
  • Meet guest requirements for fast, reliable connection, ensuring customer satisfaction and improved competitiveness
In today’s hotels, wireless internet access has become almost as standard as a television or fluffy pillows. Not only in the high class of business or luxury hotel, but even in the budget hotel, fast and reliable WiFi is a must. Technology is an integral part of guests’ stays, and hotels must respond.

In terms of connectivity, it is essential to provide a stable WiFi internet connection, both in the hotel bedrooms and the public areas of the hotel. The hotel comprises many guest rooms and suites, as well as fitness center, spa, restaurants, business center, conference and function rooms.

As well as the wireless access, the hotel need a network infrastructure that could connect its own internal systems. The network will provide connectivity for hotel back office, IP phone handsets and CCTV/IP cameras.

The hotel’s wireless infrastructure is based around NETGEAR ProSAFE® M5300 series switches. A total of 40 NETGEAR ProSAFE® WNDAP360 wireless access points are used to cover the entire hotel, including all guest rooms and public areas. One NETGEAR ProSAFE® WC7520 wireless controller enables centralized control of the entire access points.

The WNDAP360 access points immediately increase the hotel’s capacity to accept both 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz clients, and provides the ability to enable more 5 GHz devices in the future. All access points in the system seamlessly communicate with one another and function as single logical unit to provide the best set of RF frequencies, minimize interference, and seamless roaming capabilities.

The WC7520 controller maximizes the system’s ease-of-use. Simplicity is absolutely essential since the hotel staff does not have sophisticated IT skills, yet requires the ability to dynamically change the configuration based on the environment for optimal end user satisfaction. It also seamlessly interoperates with the hotel billing system which is managed by a third-party vendor.

NETGEAR ProSAFE® M4100 POE series switches provides Power over Ethernet capability, enabling the access points, IP telephony handsets and IP cameras to connect to the network infrastructure and be powered through their ethernet connection. This in turn reduces the number of wires and simplifies the installation of new devices. Netgear provides a lifetime warranty on most of the products.

Solution Hotel
Solution Hotel

Solution Description

Core Layer
Solution Hotel Based on the above network architecture, the core switch is also deployed as aggregation switch. At this layer all service packets are transmitted over the network supported by highspeed bandwidth, switching, and routing. As the center hub of local access layer, the core layer aggregates all local network traffic and forwards data between VLANs.

The next generation M5300 series is NETGEAR top of the line for managed, stackable Gigabit Ethernet switches with embedded 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplink and stacking connectivity. They are ideal for all organizations considering reliable, affordable and simple 10 Gigabit Ethernet backbone architectures. As a proficient component of converged voice, video and data networking solutions, NETGEAR ProSAFE® M5300 series delivers a resilient access layer in server rooms for virtualization, or core layer in medium-sized business. Virtual Chassis stacking technology - including meshed stacking - scales both the entire network's performance and its redundancy. NETGEAR M5300 series is backed by NETGEAR ProSAFE Lifetime Hardware Warranty.
  • Embedded 10 Gigabit 10GBase-T / SFP+ uplinks
  • Switching fabric 144 Gbps
  • 384Gbps Virtual Chassis stacking technology
  • Ideal aggregation for small core enterprise networks
  • Top of the line access layer for 10GbE backbones
  • Line-rate for virtualization and convergence
  • Innovative multi-vendor Auto-iSCSI optimization
  • Multi-vendor SIP, H323, SCCP Auto-VoIP

Access Layer
Solution Hotel The access layer contains edge devices that provide access and control for terminals and enforce QoS policy according to service characteristics. To provide power for IP phones and APs, access switches must provide the PoE function. Generally, VLANs need to be configured at the access layer to provide the following functions:

Separate Broadcast Domains
If no VLAN is assigned, then the Layer 2 network will remain as a large broadcast domain. All packets are broadcast to all interfaces in the domain. On a large Layer 2 network, an overwhelming amount of broadcast packets consume bandwidth resources. With VLANs installed the broadcast domain size is greatly reduced (each VLAN is a broadcast domain). Packets broadcast over a transmission line only within a VLAN. Therefore, VLANs improve link efficiency, network security and simplify network management.

Isolate Services and Users
Users and services operating in different VLANs are completely separated from each other. This improves service and network security and isolates users from accessing each other's sites.

Make User Access Flexible
Generally, one VLAN is configured on multiple devices in a LAN. Users can access network and use services no matter which switches they access. Access flexibility is improved. For intelligence at the network edge, NETGEAR ProSAFE® M4100 access layer switches are an extremely cost-effective component of converged voice, video and data networking solutions. Combining superior resiliency, advanced security, and comprehensive Layer 2 and Lite Layer 3 routing. PoE (802.3af) and PoE+ (802.3at) versions of M4100 series are perfect for Wireless access points, IP telephony and IP surveillance deployments. NETGEAR M4100 series is backed by NETGEAR ProSafe Lifetime Hardware Warranty.