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Virtualization with Protection for SMBs Using the ReadyDATA 5200
For most small-to-medium size businesses, building a virtualization solution that provides scalability, reliability, and data protection is a difficult task that requires managing both cost and complexity. Most SMB IT managers need to reduce infrastructure costs while trying to achieve the same levels of availability and protection that larger businesses can afford. The NETGEAR® ReadyDATA™ 5200 is an ideal storage platform to provide the right blend of performance and storage capacity for SMB virtualization environments. Using both high-performance SSD and high-capacity SATA drives creates a hybrid storage solution that balances both requirements while reducing cost in comparison with costly SAS storage. 10 GbE connectivity allows for low latency connectivity to storage for premium performance when connecting virtualization servers. ReadyDATA 5200 offers the following features that are especially important in SMB virtualized environments:
  • Support and certifications for VMware, Hyper-V, and XenServer
  • Support for both iSCSI and NFS over high-performance 10 GbE connectivity
  • Performance and capacity with hybrid SSD and SATA configurations
  • Virtual networking capabilities that reduce connectivity costs
  • Built-in protection with continuous snapshots
  • Easy disaster recovery and offsite protection with cloud-managed replication
Virtualized environments require storage that offers more than support for iSCSI and NFS; they also require flexibility, scalability, performance, and protection. The ReadyDATA 5200 can address all of these requirements regardless of which hypervisor solution you choose.

The ReadyDATA 5200’s virtual networking features allow flexible configurations when you deploy it in virtualization environments. Virtual networking allows you the ability to present storage on many virtual LANs through one or more physical connections.

You can bond multiple physical network interfaces on the ReadyDATA 5200 to act as fast redundant connectivity. You can then assign virtual adaptors to physical interfaces or bonds to access the network. The ReadyDATA 5200 allows you to configure options independently for each virtual adaptor, including options for IP settings, VLAN tagging, jumbo frames, and even performance throttling. virtual network interface