Month: January 2019

Mid-sized Business 100-500 Users

Today’s highly competitive business climate demands networking solutions that bring immediate and high ROI. You need enterprise features with less complex deployment and minimal training. Click here to learn more about Mid-size Business Solutions that will deliver security, reliability and strategies to protect your mission critical data for your fast growing business.

Easily Accessible, Secure Storage.

Problem Many organizations still have bulky, costly, high-maintenance, size-limited, insecure, and hard to access analog tapes. Solution Video footage captured by IP cameras and stored on NETGEAR network attached storage (NAS) devices can be continuously captured for extended periods of time, viewed live or recorded, and instantly accessed locally or remotely. Built-in drive redundancy and …

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Flexible Camera Deployment Makes It Easy To Cover All The Angles.

Problem: Many IP cameras have limited connectivity and are difficult to deploy where you want them. Solution: With a NETGEAR IP surveillance solution, IP cameras can be deployed anywhere —reachable by Ethernet or a wireless access point.  This allows you to expand your deployment options to include longer distances or outdoor coverage. NETGEAR surveillance solutions …

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IP Video Surveillance: Protecting Organizations Big And Small.

Digital IP technology has revolutionized the physical security industry. Video IP surveillance was once affordable only to large enterprises, but several factors have changed that picture. Today, most organizations have already installed IP networks upon which surveillance video transmissions can run and prices for IP video cameras and recording devices have fallen dramatically. So, as …

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What Schools Need from Wireless

Despite the tremendous demands multiple devices, online tools, virtual classrooms, and 100s of clients put on the school network, many schools have no dedicated IT staff, limited budgets, and many non-technical staff and volunteers. So wireless solutions must solve the specific challenges faced in the educational environment and provide basic features (guest access, 2 SSID, …

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The Access to LEARN MORE

A recent Forrester report confirms that providing faculty and students with access to school resources regardless of where they are located is the top priority for IT decision makers in education today.  In the new wireless world of Education, new technologies and devices are changing what going to school really means. Online learning has exploded. …

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Welcome to the New School of Wireless.

Digital textbooks. Online homework, tools, and classrooms. Guest access networks for parents and district staff. And high-speed, reliable WiFi makes it all go. NETGEAR Access Points and Wireless Controllers have helped countless schools meet the new challenge and opportunity for teaching and learning in today’s schools. Simple, affordable, and proven wireless solutions that make connected …

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